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tao’s selfie game is so strong he even has bts of his meipai videos

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jongin taking a kissing selca with the fans and cutely smiling afterwards

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a lucky fan taking a selca with his favorite idol

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“Your dizzy, murky and long, long day
that didn’t seem too peaceful
your dawn, empty window.
I wish you won’t get hurt by bad memories
I wish you won’t stay up all night with worries
Mmm good night, good night, good night"
2/∞EXO & the lyrics notebook
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joonmyun hits kyungsoo and kyungsoo’s clique appears 
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oh, what are you doing, silly boy?

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real__pcy 140729 Instagram Update: 오늘룸메이트는 꼭!! 본방사수!! #4시10분 #번지점프후 #세상다산사람마냥 #깊은생각에빠짐 #두번은못뛸듯 #아직도발끝이찌릿찌릿

© Trans: today must watch roommate live!! #4:10pm #afterbungeejump #asiflivedforwholelife #immersedindeepthoughts #nosecondtry #legsstilltrembling